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The maker which continues challenging the new technology and  development of the product Yamazaki Co., Ltd.

Since our establishment in 1967,
we have cha
llenged for precision machine
processing of various materials.
We develop our new technologies
and products with our innovative ideas.

Main Products

Streamline-designed conveyor

Streamline Track System
with Carriers & Rail

Combined with various kind rails and layout-free.
Easy set-up and installation transport system.

Transfer robo

Transfer robot

Equipped with paralleled flexing conveyors.
Moves in all directions.

Flexing Conveyor

Flexing Conveyor

Layout free linked carriage system with screw drive.
High efficiency without belt or chain.Does not disturb the surface of the liquid in a bottle.

Mustifunctional Tool

Multi-function Tool

Ratchet wrench with multi different wrench sizes.

Speed control screw drive

Screw speed-increasing gear
/reduction gear

Simple structure with a large speed ratio.Rotating the screw blade and roller
makes rolling contact.
Transmission efficiency is good, and is also excellent durability.

Micro Hydroelectric Systems

Running water-based
Micro-hydroelectric System

Connects water wheels to screw speed-up gears and a generator.
It can generate electricity in existing channels of low head. Easy to install and relocate.
No large-scale construction required.
No construction required.

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